Royals Box Macadamia Milk Chocolate

Exuding regal quality, our Royals chocolates are a delectable treat to be enjoyed on special occasions, or whenever the mood strikes you. Containing a whole macadamia nut dipped in golden toffee, our sweets are then double coated in deliciously smooth milk chocolate, and then culminate with a lovingly decorated unique Patons swirl. Purchase yours today in our stylish gift box. Like we said, the Macadamia Milk Chocolates are perfect for special occasions.

Stocked in:

Myer, Victorias Basement (, David Jones, Travel Retail

Package information:

150g net / 14 pieces

All our orders have a flat rate shipping fee of $15. Please see more details at check out.


The passion and dedication in this handmade process makes it an irresistible, decadent and delightful delicacy for family and friends. With the macadamia nut being indigenous to Australia it’s as a unique gift option. Together with the quality and health benefits of the nut it makes an almost guilt free treat.

Proudly presented in an authentic Aboriginal art design, the ‘collectable’ gift box features Anna Price Petyarre’s work titled My Country. She depicts an aerial perspective of the salt lakes and her birthplace, the remote desert area of Australian Northern Territory region of Utopia.

Perfect for gifting, ideal for sharing.

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