Logistics & Export

Our warehousing is designed to plan and store materials for on demand production as well as preparing for large export orders. Each warehouse location is designated and labelled for identification and tracking.

Racked Pallet Space

We have over 750 pallet spaces in a temperature controlled warehouse, which is managed by a Warehouse Management System to ensure quality conditions for storage and stock rotation of over 100 SKU’s.

Pick/Pack Services

Our warehouse staff can cater for your desired packing type; from carton to pallet packing.

Clean Warehousing

We follow strict food storage conditions which carry the HACCP and BRC accreditation.

Temperature Controlled

Our products are stored in a controlled environment with monitored sensors that alarm if warehouse temperature goes outside of range.

Partnered Transport Companies

We use both ambient and temperature controlled transport companies, that work with state of the art software platforms for raising of consignments and tracking.

Inventory Management Systems

Our warehouse staff ensures quality conditions for storage and stock rotation of over 100 SKU’s as well as picking orders efficiently and in a timely and correct manner.

RF Scanning

By using RF scanning, we ensure correct picking of orders from cartons to pallets.

Export Loading

We have a dedicated team available for either hand or pallet loading of containers for export.