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Suncoast Gold has a long reputation of sourcing premium macadamia nuts and creating delicious Australian made products which hero the native Australian macadamia.

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Australian Macadamias

With the macadamia nut being indigenous to Australia we take pride in being an Australian brand and create a quality product which is farmed in a sustainable manner. We use premium nuts in all our products and carefully slow roast our macadamias several times to bring out their delicate bouquet of flavour. 

Suncoast Gold Healthy Food


Suncoast Gold has extensive knowledge and experience in roasting and flavouring Australian macadamias. By offering a  selection of flavoured macadamia nuts in different pack sizes, we offer delicious snacks for on the go or to share. By extending the range with macadamia oil and a macadamia milk, Suncoast Gold keeps delivering innovative and unique products that make the most of the healthy macadamia.

The Range

The range of products from Suncoast Gold

Macadamia Oil

If you’re looking for an alternative cooking oil to conventional vegetable, canola or olive, then this is the oil for you. Made using premium, delicious Australian Macadamias sourced from native trees in lush rainforests, Suncoast Gold’s Macadamia Oil is fantastic for cooking and frying due to it’s high-heat tolerance, but can also be used to bake thanks to it’s subtle, nutty flavour. Offered in 500ml glass bottles and available at Coles and independent retailers.

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