Our manufacturing equipment is versatile and hugely flexible that can handle anything from large to small volume projects.

We offer:

  • Flexible minimum order quantities in various pack sizes
  • High barrier packaging materials
  • Nitrogen flushing or full vacuum for maximum preservation
Bulk Packaging and Lining

Bulk packs & lining

Our bulk ranges are available in:

  • 5kg box
  • 10kg box
  • 10kg foil vacuum sealed box
Single and Twin Flow Wraps Products-Patons

Flow wraps/rewind

Patons have a range of single and twin flow wrapped products like the Koala Chocolate Shapes and Macadamia Royals.

Clear Film and Foil Pillow with Block bottom Packaging

Additional packaging

Packaging is also available in clear film and foil pillow or block bottom bags.

Single and Twin Flow Wraps Products-Patons
Bulk Packaging and Lining

Quality Assured

Our mission is to ensure the highest levels of integrity, reliability and quality in every aspect of the service and product that we supply. Production is overseen by our quality team to the guidelines of our BRC accreditation, and is only released once all criteria have been met.

Quality Assured BRC Food Certificate