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Patons is synonymous with chocolate macadamias, indulgence and travel. Servicing the travel retail and export market for more than 40 years with chocolate coated nut confectionery, savoury nuts and chocolate souvenir packs.

Ancestors Representation

Continuing the Australian tradition

For thousands of years Australian Aboriginal people have been giving the macadamia nut as a treasured gift­. Travel, story-telling and gift­ giving with the macadamia nut have gone hand in hand probably since the beginning of mankind.

Patons Macadamia continued this tradition of travel gifting with its chocolate covered macadamia confectionery. The constant attention to detail has resulted in earning worldwide recognition for producing some of the finest macadamia products. And we love to share our love for the native Australian macadamia with the rest of the world.

Dry Roasted Nuts

Only the best of the best

From when the macadamias are harvested, through to when they are roasted and covered in chocolate, we ensure the macadamia nut arrives to you in the best condition. 

Patons sources most of their macadamia nuts from company owned farms, located in the warm East coast regions of Australia.

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