Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Bites

Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Bites

A family favourite to make easily at home.

Prep time 15
Cook time 20
Serves 4


500g Chicken tenderloins
135g TGNC Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews
½ cup Panko or fresh breadcrumbs
½ cup Plain flour
1 Egg wash, lightly whisked
Macadamia oil, for shallow frying


Cut each chicken tenderloin into 3 or 4 nugget sized pieces, depending on size.

Process the Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews with a food processor, until finely chopped. Combine with panko crumbs in a bowl. Set aside. 

Place the flour and eggs in separate bowls. 

Toss each chicken piece in the flour and shake off any excess. Dip in the egg, allowing the excess to run off and then into the nut breadcrumb mixture, pressing firmly to coat. 

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook the nuggets for 3-5 minutes each side until golden brown. Turn over and cook for a further 3-5 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and golden brown. Do not have oil too hot or the nuts will burn. Drain on absorbent paper. 

Serve on a platter with a lime sour cream dipping sauce or as a meal with a salad or steamed vegetables.


Oven bake nuggets on a paper lined baking tray at 200C for 20 minutes, turning once during cooking, until cooked through. 

Make a easy lime sour cream dipping sauce by combing sour cream with lime zest and a squeeze of lime.