Mac-Nificent Coffee Creamer

Mac-Nificent Coffee Creamer

An alternative to store bought coffee creamers.

Prep time 20
Cook time 2
Serves 2


1 cup (240ml) Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk
½ cup (140g) macadamia nuts, soaked for 10-15 minutes
3 tbs pure maple syrup, plus more to taste
1 tbs natural vanilla extract, plus more to taste


Throw the macadamia milk, macadamias, maple syrup, and vanilla into the blender, and blast on high for about 1 minute until smooth and creamy. Add maple syrup and vanilla to taste. Add ¼ cup to a cup of coffee. Store leftover creamer in a sealed container in the fridge for about 5 days. Shake before using. 

Created by Tess Masters aka ‘The Blender Girl’