I call Australia a home

There is no better way to send a taste of Australia than with this gift.  Featuring the native macadamia and Koala as well unique Australian Aboriginal artwork.


                                                    From Australia with love


What’s in the gift:

  • SCG Honey Macadamias (125g)
  • SCG Sea Salt Macadamias (125g)
  • Tjupurrula Aboriginal Art Box of Macadamia nuts in smooth milk chocolate (170g)
  • Koala bag Chocolate Milk (275G)



Please note: Products in this gift have different allergen warnings often including tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy and wheat. Please check each product individually for allergen advice.


$48.00 $20.00 + GST

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Be the first to review “I call Australia a home”

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